Astrophotography by Ole Nielsen

using CCD cameras, webcams, film and digital cameras.

30 May 2007

nlc Noctilucent clouds July 2006

The season for noctilucent clouds is approaching. Here are some "new" NLC pics from last summer. Some of the older NLC photos have also been reprocessed. NLC gallery.

24 May 2007

saturn occultation Saturn occultation 22 May 2007!!

I was lucky to observe this nice occultation of Saturn in clear weather. See pictures and movies in the Saturn gallery.

06 May 2007

saturn Saturn in the 2007 incarnation. Webcam recording. Also a couple of new lunar images of Mare Crisium and Petavius, see Moon

06 May 2007

lovejoy Comet 2007 E2 (Lovejoy) is now high in the northern sky and visible all night. The brightness is slowly decreasing from a maximum of mag. 7 or so. Here is my picture made through severe light pollution.

02 May 2007

The web site has got a major overhaul. I have chosen a more modern layout based on style sheets (however, you will find many pages still using tables for controlling page layout if you peek in the source). Most importantly, the dreaded frames have gone thus now you can actually bookmark any page on this site but please only link to this start page. The contents have only changed slightly. Hope you like the new style.

22 April 2007

ngc4147 NGC 4147 is a small little known globular in Coma Berenices at the fringes of the Virgo galaxy cluster. This 32 min exposure was made in marginal conditions with poor transparancy and terminated by incoming clouds.

12-17 April 2007

ngc4147 Finally got some new CCD images. During a visit to Denmark I had luck with the weather and I got several new colour images of galaxies. See CCD section.


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